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co (ne)změnil Oscar

Napsal: 12.06.2008, 21:22:33
od Petr
Why Glen/Marketa/The Frames are amazing
Or I could have titled it, fame hasn't changed Glen. Anyway, I'm a relative newbie to the Frames/Glen/Swell Season (through Once, the movie) but have been incredibly moved by Glen's songs and the band's music. Without going through all the details, his music was one of the things over the past year that saved my marriage (no, I'm not kidding). So I got all sentimental and wrote Glen a letter and got it to him before a show (gave it to the really nice guy who does all the guitar set up for them and I guess he passed it along). So Glen gets this letter from a total stranger (me), and I'm thinking why the f*ck did I do that. Feeling like a cheesy fan through the first half of the show. To make a long story short, he gives this great long intro to "What happens when your heart just stops." And right as he starts, I hear, "this is for Sandy." Needless to say, I broke down and had one of the most intense emotional moments with my wife (who had seen the letter and helped me deliver it). I was able to get the recording of the concert from They Played Last Night and I still feel the grip in my guts everytime I hear the song. All this happened post Oscar and the media blitz, and Glen still took the time to do this. I'll never forget that. These guys are amazing musicians and amazing people. Sorry for the long message, but it speaks volumes about them.
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